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Alain Tenenbaum

Alain Tenenbaum

Chief Webmaster ,Switzerland

Digital Consultant

The role of the consultant is too often forgotten and / or confused with that of project manager. Its main objective is to advise and support clients in their digital transformation.
One or more of my colleagues can intervene according to customer needs and questions.

Here are some examples of missions:

  • Perform an audit of the existing;
  • Measure and optimize the results of an action in progress;
  • Develop the global digital strategy, the social media strategy or the editorial strategy;
  • Popularize and adapt good web practices to a customer issue.

    Consultants intervene upstream or during the project. On the one hand, they are called upon for their know-how before the design phase.
  • For example, the main challenge for most of our clients is to increase their visibility and increase their notoriety. In this situation, Alain intervens to advise him at the time of writing the various contents. His expertise will enable optimal editorial design and improvenatural referencing (SEO).

On the other hand, they can be consulted throughout the project. If the goal is to increase the turnover generated online, our team works with the client team to identify the main targets and define the personas of their future website.

"The consultant has a real expert position"

Mauro Tiziani

Mauro Tiziani

Project Manager, Switzerland

The project manager & Artistic Manager

Present throughout the life of a project, the project manager is responsible for the implementation of the digital project.

If we have to sum up his role in a few words, one would say that the project manager is the guarantor of the smooth running of the project. Concretely this means that he is responsible for the quality of the deliverables within the budget and deadline.

From the start to the end of the project, he has a coordinating role between the different actors. He is the internal coordinator between the different businesses of the agency: creative studio, consulting team, production, etc.

A project manager "must" know how to work with all the trades of the digital agency ".

Without being an expert, a good project manager knows everyone's skills in order to plan the different stages of the project, adapt the different interventions of employees and transmit the necessary information on time.

He is also the external coordinator, that is to say the main point of contact for customers. He ensures that all the professionals involved have a good understanding of the business issues.

As such, the project manager performs several tasks.

"The project manager has an overview of the client's issues and the progress of the project"

Cihat Arikan

Server Specialist,Turkey

The developer, the cornerstone

The job of developer is a “profession so popular with the new generation and yet so little known. ". It seems difficult to summarize it in a few lines.

We tend to think that the developer intervenes only at the time of production itself. However, a successful project is a project that involves technique from the start. For example, when creating graphics, it is essential to verify the technical feasibility of a particular proposal from the design studio.

The developer is the one who has the technical knowledge and know-how to bring websites to life. They are based on the work defined upstream by customers and other trades: (graphic studio, project management, etc.)

“Without a developer, a project cannot succeed. He brings all the technical knowledge. "

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